March 2010
Vol. 26, No. 1

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A New Format for Inner Circuits
by Steve Giesel

I've spoken in the past about my desire to try publishing Inner Circuits in a Blog format. ETCS now has an Inner Circuits site set up on the Sharepoint server in Blog format. One of the big plusses is the ability to publish timely content without the monthly or quarterly restraint of gathering articles, laying out a document, and then putting everything together for Web and paper delivery.

You can find that Blog here;
. I encourage you to go take a look. At present you will find the articles from March of 2009, but keep watch, I'll be removing those and posting this month's articles over the next few days. You'll notice there is an RSS feed available, allowing you the opportunity to set that up for alerts that come directly to your Outlook each time a new post is made. Since this is in Sharepoint, remember you will likely need to login for access. In my case the example would be um-users\giesels, plus my university password.

As mentioned in this issue's first article, ETCS will probably publish another Inner Circuits next month. I'll include instructions in how to set up your RSS feed for the Inner Circuits blog.


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