March 2010
Vol. 26, No. 1

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Click "Allow" to Activate Your Mic
by Steve Giesel

There are a number issues pertaining to microphone use in Adobe Connect, and various routes to resolving those issues. But one is common to all users every time they enter an Adobe Connect meeting room. Everyone must activate their mic with the first use in each Adobe Connect meeting. The steps are outlined below.

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  1. The first time you click your Talk button (green arrow) after joining a meeting, you will be greeted with the "Adobe Flash Player Settings" popup shown (red arrow). Be sure to click the Allow button.

    If you miss it, you may have to leave the meeting and log back in to try again.  This occurs every time you attend an Adobe Connect meeting.

  2. Once you click the Allow button you will notice that the Talk/Hands-Free button is a darker gray and remains "pressed" while a speaker icon replaces the microphone by your name (blue-yellow ar-rows).

  3. Click the "Talk/Hands-Free" button again and it turns off your microphone. The button returns to its "unpressed" state and the microphone icon reappears by your name.

  4. It's important to note that while this action is required every time you enter a meeting, it does not auto-matically indicate others are hearing you. There may be other issues we need to address, but this particular task is common to everyone.

  5. Set your microphone volume by clicking the drop-down arrow as shown (purple arrow).

    This control is independent of your computer's volume con-trol for speakers and sets microphone output levels only.

  6. Verify that your voice is actually transmitting. Under-neath the Talk button, you must see a green bar moving left and right as you talk (red arrow).

If you don't see that green moving bar, your voice is not transmitting to others on the system. Proceed to the Microphone Trouble-shooting documentation.


Last Revised: 03/25/10



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