March 2010
Vol. 26, No. 1

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Set Default Mic in Windows Vista
by Steve Giesel

This set of instructions has a dual purpose. First they help you disable your internal mic if you are using a laptop, and second they help you set your default mic/headset regardless of what type of computer you are using, laptop or desktop. ETCS encourages you to use a headset with your laptop, it results in an optimal experience for all other users in your Adobe Connect meeting.

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  1. If you are using one of the Dell laptop's with the built-in mic you will need to disable that and set your headset as the default.

  2. Begin by locating the speaker icon in your system tray. Right-click the icon and select "Recording Devices" (purple arrows).


  4. A window similar to the one shown should open, with the Recording tab selected. If not, select it.

  5. The green check mark indi-cates the default mic, which will be labeled "Internal Mic" or "Built-in Mic" as shown (green arrow).

    At this point it may be necessary to make your headset visible in the list. You can do that by right-clicking in the white field within the tab. In the pop-up list that displays, make sure both items are checked as shown (red arrow).

  6. After showing Disabled and Disconnected devices you should have something like the second item in the list, labeled "Microphone/Line In" or similar. This represents your plugged-in headset and is the one you want to enable.

  7. Highlight the "Microphone/Line In" item and then click the "Set Default" button (blue arrow).

  8. If the "Set Default" button doesn't become active, right-click on the microphone you want to set as the default, and the pop-up menu shown will appear.

  9. Click "Set as Default De-vice" (gray arrow) This should set your headset as the default device and activate your mic for an Adobe Connect meeting.

  10. Click OK.


Last Revised: 03/25/10



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