March 2010
Vol. 26, No. 1

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Logging in to Adobe Connect
by Steve Giesel

Logging in to Adobe Connect is fairly straightforward, but you do need to be aware of several things in order to navigate the logon process. I'm including information for Guests and those Hosts with Adobe Connect accounts.

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  1. You should have a calendar item for the meeting you wish to attend. Open that item by double-clicking it. Guest login is accomplished by clicking the URL within that meeting item.

  2. That action will open a browser window taking you to the login screen shown to the right. Normally the default selection is the Enter as a Guest radio button as shown. If not, select it.

  3. All you need to enter in this single field is your name, or whatever screen name you want to appear to everyone else in the meeting room.

  4. Then click the Enter Room button. The Guest will receive one of several messages.

  5.  The one shown here (red box) indicates that the room Host is not within the room to allow entrance. Come back nearer to the meeting start time.

  6. The message shown here (green box) is representative of what the Guest will see when the Host is in the room, granting admittance.

  7. When logging in, the Guest may see this message (blue box) before being allowed into the meeting room. This indicates the Host is allowing people into the room on a Hold status, and should start the meeting shortly.

View a related video simulation here,


If you have a login ID & PW, you will still access your meeting room as outlined in 1 & 2 above. Follow those instructions until you get to the login page illustrated in the first image above.

  1. From there be sure to select the second radio button shown at the right (red arrow), Enter with your login and password.

  2. Enter your Login:, which is your full email address. Then enter your Password:. Your Adobe Connect password
    IS NOT the same as your university password
    . You should have received that when an Adobe Connect account was created for you. Contact ETCS if you are uncertain.

  3. Click the Enter Room button.

  4. You should receive a screen that resembles the one shown at right. As the Host, you will open the room with the following actions.

  5. Clear the check mark in the box marked, Lock the meeting after starting (green arrow). This action will allow Guests to request entry.

  6. Next, click the Start Meeting button. That will open the room.

See a related video simulation here,


If you are a Host who has lost or can't find your meeting invitation with the login URL, you may go to the Connect Pro Central website at and find your meeting that way.

  1. Enter your Login: and Password: in the fields shown, then click the Login button.

  2. The Window that opens will look something like this one. Under the My Meetings tab (purple arrow) you will find a list of meetings that you are assigned to. Your list won't be as extensive.

  3. Highlight the meeting you want, and you will see the meeting particulars in the larger pane to the right of the meeting list (blue arrow).

  4. Enter the meeting room by clicking the URL shown or the green Open button in the list.

You may view a related video simulation here,


Last Revised: 03/25/10



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