March 2010
Vol. 26, No. 1

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Non-Verbal Feedback Controls
by Steve Giesel

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The Non-Verbal Feedback controls may be found in two places. The first one is within the "Attendee List" Pod as shown right. Click the drop-down arrow (red arrow).

The second place is il-lustrated in the image below (blue arrow). This one will always be visible regardless of the room layout, so practice using these controls from the bottom-left position shown.

  1. Raise Hand: use this tool to gain recognition in a room. There is also a button just to the left of drop-down arrow.

  2. Agree: for an affirm-ative response.

  3. Disagree: for a nega-tive response.

  4. Step Away: let every-one know you are tem-porarily unavailable.

  5. Speak Louder: ask speaker to speak up. See #12 below.

  6. Speak Softer: ask speaker to quiet down. See #12 below.

  7. Speed Up: ask speaker to pick up the pace.

  8. Slow Down: ask speaker to slow down the pace.

  9. Laughter: indicate your amusement.

  10. Applause: indicate your approbation.

  11. Clear My Status: allows you to clear your responses in items 1-4 above. The other ones are not persistent and disappear after 5 seconds.

  12. Set Mic Output Volume: Set your microphone volume by clicking the drop-down arrow as shown (purple arrow).

This control is independent of your computer's volume control for speakers and sets microphone output levels only.


Last Revised: 03/25/10



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