March 2010
Vol. 26, No. 1

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Three Permission Levels in Adobe Connect
by Steve Giesel

Adobe Connect is composed of three permission levels, each one with progressively greater abilities. This is critical to understanding the basic working structure of Adobe Connect. I'll briefly describe what the purpose and function of each permission level is about.

Click any image for a larger view.

Participant is the basic level and is analogous to the Attendee level in Centra. Participants can log into a meeting, listen to the audio, view any shared documents or Web sites, participate in the text Chat, and provide feedback via the non-verbal controls (red arrows). The bottom non-verbal control is always available regardless of the room layout used.

When granted, Participants will have a microphone and/or a "Full Screen" control (green arrows) as shown in the second image below.

Other than some audio trouble-shooting, this is essentially all a Participant needs to know to participate in a meeting.

Presenter is the intermediate level of Adobe Connect permission. "Presentation" is what you primarily do during an Adobe Connect meeting. This is true if you are a Presenter or Host within the meeting room.

The Presenter's screen shown here contains all the controls necessary to present a meeting. By default the Presenter has mic rights, the ability to share their computer screen, upload docu-ments, and create Whiteboards.

A Presenter also has Full Screen controls for him/her self as well as for all Participants, blue boxes.

In addition to the presentation tools, a presenter has the same controls and abilities as Participants, but they do not have the ability to manage people in the room, grant room access, or alter room layout.

Host is the top permission level for managing an Adobe Connect meeting room. In addition to the same controls and abilities as Participants and Presenters, the Host has full control over the layout of the room, and management of all other persons within the room. An Adobe Connect Host is analogous to a Presenter in Centra.

The room layout controls are highlighted by the red box. This is where you will find the 3 default layouts and a tool to create a custom layout.

The yellow highlight box locates the Breakout Room button and a button for opening some Host/
Presenter-only areas
in the room layout.

The Host's menu choices at the top, highlighted by the green box, are expanded as well.

Additionally a Host has more controls that appear in the bottom status bar of each Pod (purple arrow).


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