March 2010
Vol. 26, No. 1

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Wishing for Spring—Again!
by Steve Giesel

It's been a year since our last issue and much is happening. And like last year we are all waiting for the Spring sunshine and flowers, even more so since we were so cold for so long this year.

We have a lot going on. John Myers leads off with an article about the purchase and use of Adobe Presenter. This is a tool designed to help you make professional looking PowerPoint presentations to share on the Web and elsewhere. He also has some staff changes to tell you about.

Joe Lear has two timely articles as well. The first outlines the philosophy and setup of backup operations for your file servers, from the 2004 installation of your first servers to present policy as related to backup operations. This article is primarily informational and he does have an alternative you may find useful. Joe's other article details the procedure for upgrading Office Communicator. Communicator is a useful tool that I will probably push many more of you to use once it's upgraded. You'll find it quite useful in replacing a flurry of emails if you and someone else are having a rapid fire conversation. It's an Instant Messaging tool that has voice and video features for an enhanced experience.

This month I talk about Adobe Connect Pro. There are 7 articles reviewing some of the basic usage of the tool including permission levels, login, and microphone setup. The articles are in a step-by-step format with illustrations, and a reduced emphasis on narrative. The idea is to help give you a quick leg up on some of the basic tasks you'll need to master in Adobe Connect. Watch for another issue of Inner Circuits next month as we have a lot more to focus on with Adobe Connect. I'm working on materials for that so please watch for them.

Finally the last article talks briefly about InnerCircuits in a Blog format, be sure to check it out.


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