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 March 1999
Vol. 16, No. 3

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by Kristie Sapp

CBT is up and running! We have had a super response from the Extension Faculty and Staff. So far, over 80 people have downloaded at least one course from CBT and many have started more than one course on line. We have sent out the first Lego Certificates. There were 27 passing scores in February! That is GREAT for the first month! How many passing scores will there be in March?

So you don't know where to start...
The most important step is your commitment to achieve your learning goals. Make your professional development and career objectives a high priority, and make training an important part of your daily activities. Learning is a skill that improves with practice.

And you can't find the time for CBT training...
CBT training has the advantage of being "available anytime", which sometimes translates into "when I have time". Avoid delaying your professional development by scheduling CBT training into your daily or weekly "to do list".

A CBT course may take from 3 to 6 hours to complete, but is broken down into 1-hour Units. The Units are broken down into shorter Topics, which are 5 or 10 minutes long. You could schedule as little as 10 minutes of Topic training on your "to do list" and be able to say "I found time for training"! (For example: some 5 to 10 minute "slots" could be right before lunch or right before quitting time.)

Your office is too full of distractions...
The #1 problem with taking CBT training at your workstation, is the constant distraction of telephones, in-baskets, and visitors. Unplanned interruptions occur frequently, making it nearly impossible to focus on the training.

The CBT training that you planned into your "to do list" is a high priority activity, which you should focus on without interruptions. Create an environment that lets other people know that you are "busy" taking training. See if you can get someone in your office to cover for you for 10 minutes and then return the favor for them at another time. Work together to schedule training time. (If you were going outside the office for a day of training someone would have to cover for you for the day, this is only 10 minutes to 30 minutes at a time and you don't have to drive anywhere!)

Visitors do not care that I am in training...
Our clients are always our priority and sometimes we just have to stop what we are doing and take care of them. You can use the CBT Bookmarking feature and return to finish the lesson after the visitor leaves. CBT is designed so that you can leave it running on your machine and minimize or maximize it at any time during the day. Take advantage of these features, as it will enable you to "find" 5 and 10 minute slots throughout the day.



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