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  May 1999
Vol. 16, No. 5

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UOE Statewide Network Completed
by John Grissom          

ETCS is pleased to announce that Phase 3 of the connectivity project is complete.  This means that every county office is connected to the Internet via 56 KB dedicated lines. The Network Neighborhood now shows more than 700 computers on-line in the Extension network. E-mail, the Web, and file sharing for every desktop without modems are the standard. According to the last National Extension Technology Conference, only 3 other states have such an infrastructure in place. Missouri is among the first to provide this integrated connectivity with universal login from any Extension office.

Now that the initial infrastructure is in place, we can focus our attention on investigating ways of utilizing this resource.  Some of the ideas that we are testing focus on improved communication with desktop conferencing packages such as Microsoft’s NetMeeting, as well as remote helpdesk capabilities and automated software update distribution with Microsoft’s SMS package.  In the coming weeks, we will visit the counties with file servers in order to upgrade memory and apply Y2K compliant software to the file server computers.

We are always interested in addressing your programmatic needs for which the network can serve. Send us your ideas, extend your thinking, the network is at your desktop.



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