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University of Missouri-Columbia   Extension Technology and Computer Services—ETCS

  May 1999
Vol. 16, No. 5

A Technology Newsletter for Extension Specialists



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Computer Training via TCRCs
by Bill McFarland

ETCS held our second computer training class by Interactive Television utilizing our TCRCs, April 27. Kristie Sapp, ETCS Training Coordinator, presented a 2 hour program to 71 participants, plus site facilitators. As Kristie presented the material the students could watch her on TV and also see her computer screen on the projected screen (see photo). We are able to project the presenter's computer screen to each TCRC ITV room via a computer connected to our network running NetMeeting. This technique is necessary when the remote students need to see clearly the presenter's computer screen.

 Students in TCRC Classroom

Computer Training by ITV, Park Hills TCRC (photo by Bob Nash)

By all indications this training method may be equally as effective as face-face heads-up computer training. Some of our sites provided their respective groups with computer training rooms where the students could do the exercises assigned in the materials presented earlier on TV. During this lab time, Kristie was available for a NetMeeting call to help with trouble spots.

We believe this has been a good experience and as you can see from the training schedule in this issue, we are planning more ITV computer training.



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