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November 2002
  Vol. 19, No. 5

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S is for Sharing
by Joe Lear

The S drive is a great place to share information with other faculty and staff across the state and judging by the amount of data on the S drive, there is a lot of sharing going on. We're happy to see everyone making full use of the service.

The best way to place files on the S drive is to save the file from the program to your local machine or, if you have a server, Q or R drive and then copy the file to the S drive.

Trying to save a file directly to the S drive can cause data corruption which will make your file unusable. If you save the file directly to the S drive, it will use all your system resources and that will prevent you from using your computer for other operations.

This goes for using a file from the S drive as well. Copy the file to your local machine or to your Q or R drive before trying to open the file. By opening or printing the file directly from the S drive you will tie up your computer making it impossible to do other jobs. You will also tie up the office internet connection making it impossible for others in the office to get their jobs done.

If you are collaborating on a document with others and sharing the file through the S drive, let the others in your group know you are working on the file and copy it to your desktop. Make your additions and/or changes and then save the file to your local machine. When you are finished editing it, copy it back out to the S drive—again, do not try to save the file to the S drive!

When copying data to or from the S drive remember that in offices running on 56 Kb lines, it will take about 5 minutes to copy 1 megabyte of file size, so a 5 megabyte file would take 25-30 minutes to copy to or from the S drive. Even though the copy process may slow your computer while it's working you can still do other things on your computer, like read Inner Circuits!



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