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November 1999
  Vol. 16, No. 9

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CBT Systems becomes SmartForce
by Kristie Sapp

CBT Systems, the company that provides our Computer Based Training Courses on-line, has changed its name and logo. For those of you currently using these CBT Courses, they will continue to function in the same way they always have.

While traveling the state conducting various training sessions and when presenting at annual conference, it became apparent that many of you still haven't tapped into the computer based training courses that are found on-line. The hardest part of these courses is to get the computer ready for them. After that, you can't help but have fun and learn at your own pace WITHOUT having to leave the comfort of your own desk. Oh, and of course, if you score a 70 or better on the course test we will send you a Lego® Certificate.

Get CBT installed and running on your machine so you can take advantage of this training opportunity. See the May, 1999, Inner Circuits article "Getting CBT Installed and Running on Your Machine" for detailed instructions. You may also find the article in the Inner Circuits on the web at Select the Inner Circuits link.

You can minimize the CBT Classroom window at anytime if you need to take care of a client in person, answer the phone, or work on something else for a while. Simply go back to it when time permits.

NOTE: It is very important that if you have registered before and are prompted with the "You have entered an unregistered Student ID", you go back and try to login again. Remember the ID is case sensitive and you may have keyed a lowercase letter where you needed an uppercase letter. If you think you have typed the correct user name and password please DO NOT register again. Contact me by e-mail or call 573-882-2096 and I will look up your Student ID and password. If you choose to register again, you will not know what courses you have taken and what ones you have not. This information is stored with your Student ID and password and if you use multiple Student ID's this will be impossible to keep track of.



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