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October 1999
Vol. 16, No. 8

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Backup to CD - YES CD's
by Joe K. Lear

Recently, ETCS has received a few questions on backup, and with the Worm Virus deleting files, now is a good time to remind everyone to make backups. You can make backups using Floppy disks and the backup software included in Windows 95, but for many people it would take quite a few floppy disks to make a full backup of the data they have stored.

For around $300 dollars, a Hewlett Packard CD-ROM (Model 8200i) recorder can be purchased to back up data to CD's from every person's computer. The CD-R media for the recorders stores up to 650MB and can be purchased for under $2 each. The data cannot be written over and provides a more permanent storage method for backups. CD-R (CD-Recordable) disks are readable by any computer with a CD-ROM.

These CD-ROM recorders also write to CD-Rewriteable (CD-RW) media. The costs of these disks range from $5-$10 each depending on the number purchased. They can be written to over and over again like a floppy disk, providing more versatility for backup. The drawback to CD-RW disks is a similar CD-ROM recorder can only read these CD-RW disks. But this media would be a good alternate for use in a rotating backup scheme.

CD-R recorders are reliable, can write 600 MB to a CD-R in less than 30 minutes, and provide a means of sharing data and information with other computers and people. You can use it to move your files to laptops for presentations and working with others, as well as create disks with education programs to use in schools and other locations where data cannot be transferred across the network.

Forty of these HP CD-ROM recorders are already in the field. If your county has one, plan to use it as a way to backup your office data. If you don't have one in your county, plan on purchasing one for your backup needs.



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