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September 2000
   Vol. 17, No. 3

A Technology Newsletter for Extension Specialists



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Continuing Education Information System
by Ali Saheli

A new generation of Continuing Education Information System (CEIS II) software has been designed and developed to meet the needs of campus Extension Administration and units. Development is focusing on web registration, E-commerce, interaction with the University's PeopleSoft software, and creating a true accounts receivable/payable environment to better equip our users to meet their business needs. The new generation of our software has been designed and implemented using Microsoft's SQL server, with Visual Basic as the front end.

In July, 2000, Beta testing began with two units - MU Direct and MU Conference office. Plans are in motion to bring all Extension units online by January, 2001, starting with the two units above in October, 2000. All other units will be notified in the future of their training dates.



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