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September 2000
   Vol. 17, No. 3

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Share Drive Hosts Digital Library
by Bill McFarland

Many of you have already used the S: -Shared Drive, on the Extension network to make documents that you have created, or are working on, available to others in the Extension network. Primary use of this facility is to facilitate collaboration among us. Newsletters, reports, images, spreadsheets, proposals and PowerPoint presentations have been stored in your reserved spaces for others to access, modify, or use. The organization of the Share Drive allows you to store files in your office's assigned folder(s), and all other Extension users can access them there. You cannot store files in some other office's folder.

This organization, by region or campus, seems to have worked well, and you have filled up the 8 GB disk drive that we have allocated for it. The Outreach and Extension Information Technology committee recommendation to enlarge this facility has been approved.

At the committee's recommendation we have also added a new feature to the organization of the S: Drive, The Digital Library. You will find this folder at the top level with the region and campus folders. Within this folder will grow folders of different document types. Currently we have PowerPoint, Digital Images, and Publisher folders under The Digital Library. This folder and all subfolders under it are open for read and write access for everyone. All of us can copy files into the Digital Library. This is not the place to put files that you are in collaboration with others on, but a place to put documents that represent creativity, program significance, and showcase pieces.

This will not be a peer-reviewed document library, but it will be good for us to all follow a few guidelines for each of our submissions to The Digital Library. These guidelines can also be found in more detail in The Digital Library folder.

PowerPoint files: Use the document summary to identify at least:

  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Category:
  • Comments: indicate how this was used, or may be used, in such a way as to explain why it was placed in The Digital Library.

You can edit the document summary of a presentation you already have made by right clicking on the filename in Windows Explorer, choosing Properties, and going to the Summary tab where you can enter this information. This information is displayed in Windows Explorer 98 when the file is highlighted and you have Windows Explorer configured for it, as shown below. This will allow one to preview the subject of the PowerPoint presentation, and how it might pertain to their interests, before opening the file. Searching features can also be used in Windows Explorer to find files of interest by words contained in the Properties Summary.

For files other than PowerPoint presentations, we would like for you to include a short Word document using the same filename but with extension .DOC (automatically attached by Word) that contains the summary information. For example, if you have an exemplary digital image of a hyacinth named hyacinth.jpg, then create a Word document and save it as hyacinth.doc.

We are looking for you to self-select the best of the best to place in The Digital Library for us all to share and learn good techniques and ideas.



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