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Streaming Audio

Streaming audio is a great way to get sound into your web pages.  Streaming audio works differently than wave files.  Wave files have to be fully downloaded to the client before they are played.  Streaming audio plays while it is downloading the file.

For example, say you have a long audio clip, 500Kb long, and your audience is using a dial-up modem at 28Kb.  If the audio clip is presented as a wave file, it will take about five minutes before the clip is downloaded and can be played.  If the audio clip is presented as a streaming audio file, then it will start playing within 30 seconds. 

One problem with our implementation of streaming audio is that the client must have Microsoft’s Windows Media Player installedThis service is great for helping the visually impaired, lazy readers, or playing sounds or music that cannot be described in words.  Here is an example of streaming audio:


Last Revised: 08/04/08

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