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Web Database Applications

The web is truly becoming the preferred method of delivery for almost everything.  The freedom to use a web browser on any computer and not to have to install software is a big plus.  But what if I have to store and retrieve data?  This question is easily answered today with things such as ASP (Active Server Pages), Access, SQL and the newest tool .Net (dot-Net).  With these tools we can help you design your application and give you and your clientele access to the data anywhere you have access to a computer on the internet.

An example of this is a project we did for ourselves.  We wanted to know when a virus was detected on one of our file servers and also we wanted to know what the virus definition version was on each server.  This project is composed of three parts.

  1. The first part is two SQL tables that hold the collected data.

  2. The second part is a Visual Basic program that runs on the file servers.  Every hour it checks the anti virus log file for definition file updates and detected viruses.  If either has occurred, then the program sends the data to the SQL server.  If the data received by the SQL server is about a virus being detected, then the SQL server emails the ETCS box the details.

  3. The final part of this project is a set of active server pages.  These pages display what viruses we have been infected with and on what machines.  It also displays the virus definition version number so we can see if a server is not being updated properly.  The point to this is that before we did this project, if we wanted to get information about our servers' virus situation, we had to go access over 80 servers.  We now can go to a web page to access this same information in seconds, rather than hours.

(ETCS Virus Tracking)


Last Revised: 08/04/08

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