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Web Software Programs

Web-delivered software programs are different from regular software programs, in the fact that they do not have to be installed on the computer.  They can be run with any web browser.  This makes them much easier to use since you do not have to first install them.  It also makes them easier to update since they reside in one place.  The only negative to web programs is that they require you to have an internet connection. 

The first example is a board foot calculator for lumber.  The program asks for the thickness, width and length of the lumber and returns the total board feet of the lumber.  You can also optionally enter the number of boards and price per board foot of the lumber and it will tell you the total cost of the lumber. 

The second example is a more complex program for determining potential net returns for a given grow-finish facility for swine.  It compares facility cost, operational costs, and returns from different grow-finish facilities.  Initial cost, design, management style and pig performance potential are evaluated.

Applications of this technology are also embedded in certain “interactive” web guide sheets in Xplor, as shown in these examples. 

link to web application allowing you to calculate board-feet of lumber
(Board Foot calculator)

(Grow-Finish Facility
Evaluation Worksheet
for Swine)


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